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Trust No One Collar Clips

'Trust No One'. It's the best piece of advice you can remember while you're tracking down your latest X-Files suspect. During you're non-FBI life, it's always helpful to remind everyone that you're onto them! Who moved my keys? Did that person just wave at me? Is Debbie really an alien?!

These rockin' collar tips feature an original HOW design, carefully crafted together to create a must have accessory. Pin it to everything, from your shirt collar, jumper or even rucksack or bag to add that extra bit of awesome. Each handmade wooden clip is around 30mm in size, has our design lovingly illustrated on it, and features a silver coloured chain linking them together.

 Made in the UK, each collar clip is made by hand in our workshop. After each clip is attached to a chain, they are packaged onto 100% recycled HOW card tags. They are additionally protected on their travels by their trusty box guardians.

Please note that as each collar clip is lovingly handmade, so there may be slight variations in the finished product.

Gift box available in store!
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13 GBP
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