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Multi-coloured Yarn Ball Stud Earrings

These illustrated yarn balls are the perfect accessory for any crocheter or knitter. They are illustrated in pretty multi coloured tones and measure around 15-20mm in size. Perfect for making a statement and showcasing your passion for yarn!

These are perfect for any occasion. From casual days out, to fancy weddings, and everywhere in between, they will be sure to make everyone who sees them share their smile. Or, gift them to someone to brighten up their glum day

Made in the UK, each pair of earrings is hand made from start to finish in our workshop. After each one is carefully crafted, they are hand sanded and finished. They are then packaged onto 100% recycled white HOW tag. They are additionally protected on their travels by their trusty bubble wrap guardians.

Please note that as each pair is lovingly handmade, so there may be slight variations in the finished product.

Your order will come packaged onto 100% recycled HOW tag. Gift wrapping is also available for a small extra charge.

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