House Of Wonderland

Awesome Unicorn Mini Card

A unicorn. A unicorn flying. A unicorn flying with a rainbow coming from it's butt. That is the most awesome thing anyone can see. Period. That is, until they're reminded just how totally awesome you are! Unicorns will always be awesome (they have magic., it's kind of an unfair advantage), but you are awesome without rainbow-butt-magic! Everyone has that unique something that make them fantastic, but sometimes a little reminder is always helpful.  Painted in high quality professional artist inks and digitally photographed to create a stunning a stunning greetings card.

The perfect card to brighten anyone's day and show them you care!

Professionally printed on Edixion Offset which is an uncoated, quality offset paper with a consistently smooth surface and tactile finish with a paper weight of 350gsm.

Both the card and the envelope are measure approximately 130x130mm in size, and come sealed in a clear cellophane bag to keep it safe.

Made in the UK, each card is made by locally here in Berwick Upon Tweed and arrives wrapped in crisp white layers of tissue paper and fastened with a HOW sticker.

Your order will come packaged between cardboard and in a special envelope to prevent bending. Gift wrapping is also available for a small extra charge.

House Of Wonderland 2012-2017
2.75 GBP
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